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Elizabeth's Fun Stuff Quilts

1. The first quilt here (upper left) was completed in 2002 after 4 years of intermittent work. I started it when we first began plans for our new house, intending to hang it in the foyer, but it was not finished until we had been living in the house for over a year.  It is 96" x 96", all cotton with cotton batting. The quilting thread is green. The borders are quilted in a design seen in other handmade details in the house. This Amish Nine Patch is based on a quilt in the Esprit Collection.  The center squares are hot pink leaning toward magenta. In the original quilt the center squares are similar, but with a hint of hot melon.

2. The second quilt here was made for our second oldest son, and hangs on the wall behind our piano.  It is cotton with poly batting (Mountain Mist Quilt Lite) and is quilted with black thread. The border quilting is a combination of lines and feathers. It is twin sized and our now adult son still complains that he has never been allowed to put it on his bed! This quilt was completed prior to 2000, probably about 1990. (I'll have to look up the date.)


3. This whole cloth quilt was started in November of 2002 and completed in February of 2003, and was made for Grace, the first child of close friends, who later became the flower girl at our daughter Bethany's wedding.. It is about 42" x 42" and is all cotton with cotton batting. One side is light lavender leaning toward orchid, and the other is lavender leaning toward periwinkle. The binding around the scalloped edge is a color that falls nicely between the front color and the back color. The quilting was done with Talon color #310, a light pink, in crosshatches, lines, and feathers. When the quilt was within a few square inches of being finished, I ran out of quilting thread. My search for more of the same color revealed that Talon was no longer in business. I ended up gleaning the thread I needed by removing and reusing the basting stitches I had put in around the edges of the quilt.


4. Below is a baby sweater I made recently. ( October 2004.) My son Chad says it's cute and he wants me to save it for when he is married and has a baby. 


5. This is obviously not at quilt (or even a baby sweater), but it IS an adorable 6 1/2 month old collie pup! Isn't he sweet?! He belongs to one of my girlfriends and may someday be a show dog like many of his close family members.  We have one of his relatives as our family pet.


6. Here is one of our four fuzzy pets (3 cats and 1 collie).  He is an adorable Norwegian Forest Cat kitten that my husband gave me for my 51st birthday.  Not only is he beautiful, but I have had many cats over the years and he has the best personality of all of them!  He thinks he is a cuddly little puppy dog, only not so hyper! After having him for nearly 3 years, we finally named him Norsestar's Mr. Neelix, after a friendly character on Star Trek "Voyager" series.


7. This is a ring bearer's pillow I made for my sister-in-laws wedding. I used all white wedding fabric, white silk floss and different white, pearl and crystal beads. The back buttons closed with real shell buttons.


8.  This is one of two identical applique quilts I made for my two daughters. Only the quilting pattern is different. They are single bed sized, cotton tops and back, with Mountain Mist "Quilt Lite" batting.  I really enjoyed making these.


9.  This is a small quilt I made early in my quilting career. It is about 42" x 42" and all cotton top and back with Mountain Mist "Quilt Lite" batting. I found the pattern in a book of Amish crib quilts.


10.  This quilt is one of my favorites. It is a Sunshine and Shadow quilt made from left over scraps from dresses I made for my girls when they were small. I did not use a "speed" method to piece this. I cut all the square out, arranged them exactly as I wanted them, then began sewing them together one at a time. I quilted the center in cross-hatching but the border in a undulating feather pattern. It is about 42" x 42" and has an all cotton top and back and Mountain Mist "Quilt Lite" batting.


11.  This is a "Diamond in a Square" Amish pattern. It was one of the first quilts I made and is about 42" x 42", cotton top and back, Mountain Mist "Quilt Lite" batting.


12.  I began working on this quilt when I was pregnant with my second daughter. One night I got the "nesting instinct" bad, and stayed up until 2am piecing it and preparing it for quilting. The following morning early, I went into labor and took the quilt with me thinking I'd work on it at the hospital while I was waiting for the baby to come. Needless to say, I soon did not feel much like quilting and my little Bethany was born around noon that day.  I felt great after her birth and my doctor allowed me to take her home only four hours later. On the way home I talked my husband into stopping at the fabric store with my newborn, so I could buy the quilting thread I needed to finish this quilt!  This quilt is all cotton top and back, with Mountain Mist "Quilt Lite" batting. It is quilted with hot pink quilting thread.


13.  These two small quilts were made to go with the Amish dolls I made for my kids. I made the first quilt, then misplaced it and thought I'd lost it, so I made another. I could not remember exactly what order I arranged the squares in, but I did my best to make it the same as the first one. Later I found my lost quilt and was able to compare them and see how close I came. They are each about 2 feet by 2 feet, all cotton tops and backs with Mountain Mist "Quilt Lite" batting. They are quilted in bright blue thread.


14.  Here is another little doll quilt made from dress scrapes. At first I intended to sell this on E-bay but didn't have the heart to by the time I had finished it. I think it took about a week to complete. It is about 2 feet by 2 feet, all cotton top and back, with Mountain Mist "Quilt Lite" batting.


15.  This is one of my very first quilts. The batting was too thick and I did not know how to sew on a binding, so I just sewed the top to the back inside out and reversed it. It is about 18" by 18" and I still use it today in the center of my kitchen table to set my homeschooling basket on. (The thick batting made it quite durable.)

(c) Copyright 2007 L. Elizabeth Krueger.  All rights reserved.
Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.